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614 N. 15th St., Perry OK 73077
Auction Description

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11± Booth Sections w/ Tables
8' Lifetime White Plastic Table
8' Lifetime White Plastic Table
17± Lifetime White Plastic Chairs
2 Highchairs/2 Booster Seats, Orange Cones
37± Bottles of Mt. Dew
14± Bottles of Diet Pepsi
24± Bottles of Pepsi
11± Bottles of Orange Crush
16± Bottles of Brisk Tea
8± Bottles of Mug Root Beer
Salt & Pepper Condiment Racks
6± Pizza Bags, 3± Large Bags (Warming)
16± Napkin Dispensers, 1 Bath Tissue Dispenser
Condiment Station Cabinet
Black Carlisle Bus Cart
1 Box of Kitchen Knives
1 Box of Serving Spatulas, Ladles
3 Boxes of Plastic & Metal Tongs, Serv Spoons
1 Open Sign
Neon Open Sign
32" Emerson Flat Screen TV
Neon "Sandwiches" Sign - 5'
Neon "Salad Bar" Sign - 5'
5± Plastic Containers
4± Large Pizza Pans
19± Medium Pizza Pans
10± Small Pizza Pans
37± Medium Pizza Pans
35± Medium Pizza Pans
35± Small Pizza Pans
28± Mini Pizza Pans
18± Large Pizza Pans
12± Medium Pizza Pans
13± Mini Pizza Pans
15± Medium Deep Dish Pizza Pans
16± Medium Deep Dish Pizza Pans
6± Medium Deep Dish Pizza Pans
4± Small Deep Dish Pizza Pans
19± Aluminum Medium Pizza Serving Pans
5± Large, 5± Medium Aluminum Serving Pans
56± Buffet Serving Pizza Pans
7± Wire Rack Pan Holders
3± Bowls, 1 Colander
Electric Table Top Warmer
All Plastic Drop In Salad Bar Pans
X Cut Chopper
28± 6x7 Stainless Drop In Pans
17± 7x12 Stainless Drop In Pans
3± 12x10, 2± 14x13 Stainless Drop In Pans
Bunn Tea Brewer w/ Dispensers
3 Compartment Table Top Warmer/Server
2 Pizza Cutters, Rolling Pin, Assorted Items
2 Signs w/ Letters, 2 Pizza Boards
3 Lights
2 Boxes of Register Tape, 1 Box New Scrubber Sponges
2 Boxes, Phones, Counter Bells
Serving Line, Warmer Tray, Cold Box
Stacking Plastic Totes & Condiments
Magazine Rack & Signs
Sign Letters
42± White Plastic Plates
Pizza Dough Flour & Condiments
6± Boxes Crushed Red Pepper Packets
1 Box Plastic Spoons, 1 Box S&P Shakers, Cheese Shakers
11± Boxes Parmesean Cheese Packets
9± Boxes Straws
3 Bus Tubs & Assorted Items
Stepstool & Assorted Hardware
24"x24" Table
24"x24" Table
Italian Chef Statue
Black Metal Bakers Rack
3 Vacuum Cleaners
Shop Vac
Brooms, Mop Bucket, Wet Floor Signs
6' Aluminum Ladder, Awoco Pest Deterent Light
Contents of Closet
42" Hisense Flat Screen TV w/ Remote
42" Hisense Flat Screen TV w/ Remote
32" Haier Flatscreen TV w/ Remote
NSF Wire Rack
Take Out Plastics - Assorted
Stainless Add On Table
Scotsman Prodigy Ice Maker w/ Follett Ice Bin & Bucket
Contents of Shelves
Rubbermaid Plastics
4 Wire Shelves
2 Bay Stainless Sick w/ Sprayer
Stainless Table w/ Underneath Can Rack, Can Opener
Pizza Boxes
Wire Shelving Unit
6 Dishwashing Trays
Cutting Board, Assorted Glass Shakers
5' Stainless Prep Table
Whirlpool Refrigerator
Crossley Upright Commercial Freezer
New Age Aluminum Walk in Rack 3'
New Age Aluminum Walk in Rack 3'
New Age Aluminum Walk in Rack 4'
Trash Cans
6'x8' Hobart Walk-In Cooler
Styrofoam Cups and Lids
Pallet Style Rack
Stainless Shelf
Acme Dough Roller
5' Stainless Prep Table
Thunderbird Mixer
Plastic Shelf & Contents, Takeout
Funlux Vidio Digital Recorder
Simple Simons Clock
Plastic Bin w/ Plasticware (Takeout)
2 Boxes of Drop In Plastic Salad Bar Containers
Shelf w/ Drop In Salad Bar Containers
Stainless Shelf
Stainless Shelf
5' Makeup Box (Sandwich)
Lincoln Pizza Conveyor Oven
30" Stainless Shelf
5' Stainless Prep Table
3' Dunnage Rack

Auctioneer Notes
All Items are located in Perry, OK and must be picked up there on 4/1/2021 from 9am-1pm ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS.