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TBD, Pryor OK 74361
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Start Date: Fri, Mar 19, 2021 8:00AM

End Date: Sun, Mar 28, 2021 5:00PM

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Superior 3-Door Stainless Freezer
Hoshizaki Ice Maker & Storage Bin
Cook Rita Gas Fryer
Frymaster Gas Fryer
Southbend Stove w/ 24" Griddle, 6 Burners, Dbl Oven
3 Burner Wok Range
Electro Freeze Ice Cream Maker
Ice Cream Machine and Ice Dispenser
Kenmore Elite Upright Freezer
Crosley Deep Freeze
Kenmore Frost Free Commercial Upright Freezer
Kenmore Elite Deep Freeze
Meat Slicer
Jero Sink & Drainboard
15± Booth Sections w/ Tables
Table (27"x30")
14± Rectangle Tables (27"x45")
3± Round Tables (Approx 4')
78± High Back Chairs - Black & Turquoise
6± High Chairs
5± Booster Seats
2 Fans, 2 Mats, Open Sign
Craftsman 6.5hp Lawn Mower, 6ft Alum Ladder
4 Vacuum Cleaners, 1 Carpet Shampoo Vac
Vizio Flatscreen TV
5± Boxes Assorted Décor
Descaler, Sodium Hypochloride
Double Heat Lamp
Several Line Buffets
Floral Décor
2± Christmas Trees & Assorted Christmas Décor
Horn Artwork Décor
Horn Artwork Décor w/ Raven
Large Wooden Ship Model
Horn Artwork Décor w/ Raven
Horn Artwork Décor Dragons
3± Artificial Trees
3± Large Hand Painted Fans
Merano Flute
Assorted Oriental Décor
9± Pieces of Oriental Décor
Samsung Flatscreen TV
Fallon Neon Open Sign
Stainless Utensil Holder & Utensils
Dubble Bubble Gumballs - 2 Boxes/850 pcs Each
4± Pc Oriental Décor
6± Pc Oriental Décor
Artificial Tree, Plant, Stand & End Table
Oriental Style Décor
Oriental Décor-Mother of Pearl Style Horses
Assorted Oriental Décor
2± Wooden Horses, 6± Fans Oriental w/ Mother of Pearl Style
Hostess Stand, Metal Cart, Assorted Supplies
Candy Dispenser
2± Racks, Dolly, Carpet Runner
Oriental Style Entry Way Décor
Salt & Pepper Shakers, Soy Sauce Dispensers
23± Napkin Dispensers
Salt, Pepper, Sugar Trays
Utensils, Serving Spoons
Tongs, Ladles
Plastic Tongs, Whisk, Spatulas
Wrapped Silverware
Plastic Restaurant Plates
Plastic Soup Bowls
Tea Pots
2± Boxes of Silverware
4± Buffet Pans, 7± Lids
31± Pans
22± Pans
6± Plastic Storage Bins
5± Plastic Trays
Credit Card Books, Time Cards, Adding Machine Tape Rolls
4± Pictures
3± Boxes of Assorted Items
Box of Misc Light Bulbs
4± Boxes of Sugars, Silverware Tray, Storage Bins
Table Bases & Hardware
Metal Racks
Assorted Business Equipment, Doors, Table
Shop Vac
Air Tank and Paint Sprayer
Heating Element
Donut Making Utensils
Box of Assorted Utensils
Coffee Maker
4± Work Benches and Contents, Cups
Donut Proof Box
Ice Dispenser
Donut Rack
Cups & Wash Rack
Bunn Tea Dispenser
Plastic Plates, Pitchers, Rolling Carts
Stainless 6' Table
Sink & Stainless Table
Stainless Saloon Style Doors
2± Large Pots
Stainless Bowls & Colanders
Assorted Fry Baskets
Assorted Fry Baskets
Meat Grinder Attachments
NSF Shelf & Contents
Cart & Contents
Cart & Contents
Assorted Kitchen Items
5' Stainless Table
Short Stainless Table
Assorted Bowls, Storage Baskets, Computer, Stool, Chair
5' Stainless Table
Tea Dispenser, Condiment Tray, Silverware Tray, Misc
Koch 4 Door Refrigerated Box
Dishwasher Racks
Knife Rack w/ Knives, Stainless Pans, NSF Cart
Lot of Assorted Plastic Storage
Stainless Canisters
Small Stainless Pans
Baking Sheets, Pans - 12± Total
10± Stainless Pots
Stainless Bowls & Pans
NSF Shelf

2± Stainless NSF Shelves & Contents
Samsung Microwave & Toaster
Stainless Table
7± Plastic Storage Bins
NSF Shelf
Lot of Assorted Towels
Shelving Unit & Contents
Assorted Janitorial & Sewer Snake Machine
Mixer Attachments
Park Bench